Brad Bachu

PhD Candidate, Department of Physics

Princeton University


At Princeton, I have served as an assistant in instruction (AI), sometimes referred to as 'teaching assistant (TA)' for:

  • PHY208 Fall 2021: Advanced Physics (Mechanics)
  • PHY208 Spring 2021: Principles of Quantum Mechanics
  • PHY105 Fall 2020: Advanced Physics (Mechanics)
  • PHY110 Summer 2020: General Physics II Summer Offering (Electricity and Magnetism)
  • PHY104 Spring 2020: General Physics II (Department Teaching Excellence Award)
  • PHY102 Spring 2019: Introductory Physics II
  • PHY103 Fall 2019: General Physics I
  • PHY105 Fall 2018: Advanced Physics (Mechanics)

Outreach (Caribbean Students)

Most students in the Caribbean write exams offered by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC ®). There has been a plethora of content developed to assist students, however, much of it is not freely accessible, and information that is freely accessible is rarely tailored to Caribbean Students. One of my goals is to make education more accessible to those who are excited to learn.

Applied Mathematics, Unit 1

With the help of the brilliant minds of Arjun Mohammed, Nicholas Sammy, and Kerry Shastri Singh, we created a Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exam (CAPE ®) Unit 1 Applied Mathematics guide/soultions mannual. A download of the book is available Data Collection, Probability and Statistics: A Form 6 Summary, with Applications to Past Examinations.

Applied Mathematics, Unit 2

We have been continuing, slowly, with the Unit 2 version. If you know enough LaTeX and Git, you can check out our progress, and maybe contribute, here. If none of those words make sense to you, sit back and wait till the final product is done. A draft is now available here.